Fairy Tail - Story and characters at "Fairy Tail" (2024)

The members of “Fairy Tail” should be brave, adventurous and inquisitive, that’s what their guild master, Makarov Dreyar, wants them to be. In fact, they are so exuberant that they usually leave a trail of destruction in their wake. And it is precisely in this guild that our heroes have found their home.


The blonde 17-year-old comes from a wealthy family. She inherited two keys from her late mother Layla, which she can use to summon subservient (if sometimes petulant) stellar spirits. One day she decides to turn her back on her home and sets off for Magnolia to learn to master her magic. When Lucy gets into trouble on her journey, her future teammate Natsu saves her and introduces her to "Fairy Tail". Joining this magicians' guild has been Lucy's big dream, but when it suddenly comes true, she is initially shocked at how crazy the members of the guild are acting. But with her first assignments and adventures, she quickly gets used to it - and soon doesn't want to miss the madness anymore.

Author Hiro Mashima named Lucy after the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." In the German dubbed version, Lina Rabea Mohr (Sascha Braus on "Attack on Titan") lends her voice to Lucy.


When Dragonslayer Natsu Dragneel senses an adventure, he is immediately “fire and flame” – unpredictably hot-blooded, but unfortunately not always very bright. Natsu in particular has contributed a lot to the Fairy Tail guild's dubious reputation for leaving a lot of collateral damage in its work. Nevertheless, he is an asset to the guild because Natsu is physically strong and has mastered an ancient flame magic that allows him to eat flames and create them himself. He also has the positive trait of never giving up, no matter how overwhelming an opponent seems, and does everything he can to help his friends.

Natsu's senses are extremely heightened. However, this creates the disadvantage that he immediately feels sick when he is traveling in or on a means of transport. Natsu is certainly not a normal young man - you don't even know how young or old he really is. His connection to the He was raised by the dragon Igneel, who suddenly disappeared one day. Natsu has been looking for him ever since. He also has a mysterious connection to the evil magician Zeref. Natsu gets his co*cky voice in the German dubbed version of “Fairy Tail” by Julius Jellinek.


You might think that Happy is a pet, but he's far from it: he looks like a cat - well, a cat with blue fur and white wings - but in reality he is a so-called "Exceed", can talk and has his own command Form of magic called “Aeria”. Always in a good mood, he likes to comment on what's going on around him, but he's often completely wrong or has fun making jokes at the expense of Lucy or his partner and best friend Natsu. But he prefers to just say “Ay” or “Ayayay”. Charlotte Uhlig puts his comments in his mouth in the German dubbed version.


Don't mess with "Titania" Erza! She is the best fighter in the guild and has the ability to change her armor at lightning speed and thus always come up with new skills. Erza grew up in slavery and therefore takes a long time to trust anyone. Despite her attractive appearance, she sometimes appears cold and strict to outsiders. But for her friends from “Fairy Tail” she is the best comrade and comrade you can imagine. In the German version, Marieke Oeffinger speaks as Erza.


Gray is Natsu's counterpart in many ways, because he is an ice magician: earthbound, calculating and instead of large-scale fire attacks, he relies on precise strikes with weapons made from ice. However, Gray is not a completely normal magician either, because for some bizarre reason he often takes off his clothes unconsciously, and usually only to the delight of Juvia. Natsu and Gray are primarily rivals at first. Over time they learn to appreciate each other, but that doesn't mean that they won't still throw a few nasty jokes or punches at each other. We get to hear the sayings in German thanks to René Dawn-Claude, who not only speaks Gray but also directs the entire German dubbing.


Wendy is a Dragon Slayer and, like Natsu, was raised by a dragon. She originally belonged to the guild “Cait Shelter”, which supported “Fairy Tail” in the fight against the dark guild “Oración Seis”. When it turned out that the organization was just a magical illusion and didn't really exist, she joined "Fairy Tail". With her air and healing magic, she has already helped numerous “Fairy Tail” magicians out of trouble. Often shy and clumsy, Wendy is so sweet that even opponents sometimes want to befriend her. Wendy is voiced by Sarah Tkotsch in the German dubbing.


Like Happy, Carla is an Exceed cat and the inseparable partner of Wendy, for whom she acts as a kind of surrogate mother. At first glance she seems a bit aloof and cold and, above all, she repeatedly rejects Happy, who she is attracted to. However, over time she shows her warm and caring side. Like her mother Shagotte, Queen of Extalia, Carla can see the future. She is voiced by Sarah Alles.


As a member of “Element 4”, Juvia once belonged to the “Phantom Lord” guild, which wanted to destroy “Fairy Tail”. However, after that fight, she joined our friends. With her water magic she can absorb objects and people into herself. Juvia, who mostly talks about herself in the third person, has also fallen under another spell, because she is secretly, or rather obviously for everyone, in love with her "adored Gray", who, however, always has nothing to do with her feelings can. For this reason, Juvia tends to get jealous, which sometimes leads to bizarre situations. The German speaker for Juvia is Josephine Schmidt.


The muscular Dragonslayer appears quite scary on the outside, especially since he likes to eat iron to increase his strength. What fire is to Natsu, metal is to him. It is his element on which his magic is based. What makes him even more mysterious is his initial role as a member of the “Phantom Lord” guild, which, as it turns out, he infiltrated as a double agent on behalf of Makarov in order to keep “Fairy Tail” informed about Ivan Dreyar's sinister plans. After the destruction of “Phantom Lords”, Gajeel permanently joins our friends and repeatedly duels with Natsu to see which of the two is the stronger Dragon Slayer. In German, Marios Gavrilis lends his voice.


Makarov is the third and sixth guild master of “Fairy Tail” and is not to be underestimated despite his age and small size. With his special magical ability he can transform into a five meter tall and extremely strong giant who has the ability to extend his arms. Sometimes unusually silly and undisciplined for a leader, he proves to be a clever strategist and diplomat in serious situations. If in doubt, he would do anything for his “children,” as he sees the “Fairy Tail” members. Makarov's voice actor is Erich Räuker.


In the Kingdom of Fiore, magic is a commodity. The young Lucy Heartfilia hopes to be able to stand on her own two feet as a magician. As soon as she arrives in the city of Magnolia, Lucy Heartfilia almost falls for a deceitful magician named Salamander. Luckily, the real Salamander, Natsu Dragneel, intervenes and introduces them to the “Fairy Tail” guild. After their first adventures together, Lucy, Natsu and Happy form a team within the guild. They want to get simple and pleasant jobs that bring in a lot of money. But they rejoiced too soon, because instead their guild colleague Erza, an S-rank magician, chooses the three of them to fight against the forbidden guild Eisenwald

Fairy Tail - Story and characters at "Fairy Tail" (2024)


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